Kanca Hand Tools Extension

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Our KANCA HAND TOOLS EXTENSION Construction project, which is located in TOSB, which is one of the companies that rise rapidly every year in the ISO list, was delivered in 2017 on a turnkey basis. The additional facility part was quickly put into operation without causing any loss of efficiency in the facility operating during the manufacturing phase, providing support to production. We have completed and delivered the new project of Kanca Hand TOOLS in 2019. Kanca Hand Tools continues to prefer us in its new investments.

  • Employer: Çelik ve Makina Sanayi A.Ş.
  • Purpose of usage: Dövme Metal Fabrikası
  • Location: Taysad/ Kocaeli
  • Project scope: Anahtar Teslimi İnşaat İşleri
  • Total Covered Area: 4.650 m²
  • Delivery Year: 2017