Ersel Heavy Machinery Industrial Factory

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For Ersel Ağır Makine, which is an expert in its field and produces mills and equipment for the mining industry, which has made a name in our country and abroad, the period from the design and project phase of the structural steel-based facility with a closed area of ​​over 35,000 m2 in TOSB to the occupancy is supported by the employer. completed with. This project draws attention as a project where more than 3500 tons of structural steel and many machine foundations are applied simultaneously.

  • Employer: Ersel Ağır Makine Tic.A.Ş.
  • Purpose of usage: Ağır Makine Fabrikası
  • Location: Taysad/ Kocaeli
  • Project scope: Projelendirme ve Anahtar Teslimi İnşaat İşleri
  • Total Covered Area: 35.000 m²
  • Delivery Year: 2017