American Embassy Building

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Our embassy building project, which is one of the projects that supports Hadeka İnşaat’s vision of doing business in every part of the world, was delivered in 2016. In the project located in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, our employer is the American ECC company. This project has been completed very successfully for our company, which attaches importance to continuous learning, in order to experience working in harmony with new business disciplines. After the completion of our project, we are included in the list of registered construction companies that started to receive invitations for new projects by OBO (USA Overseas Building Operations).

  • Employer: ECC
  • Purpose of usage: Elçilik Binası
  • Location: Bişkek/ Kırgızistan
  • Project scope: Anahtar Teslimi İnşaat İşleri
  • Total Covered Area::
  • Delivery Year: 2016